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The mission of North Texas Language Academy is to provide targeted learning to the study of languages.

  The study of a foreign language requires guidance and explanation beyond rote memorization of words and phrases.  It takes an instructor that can explain the underlying cultural nuances as well as the grammar.  At North Texas Language Academy we seek instructors with real world as well as academic training.  We recognize the worth and intelligence of our students and seek to support their learning with respect and encouragement.
  North Texas Language Academy believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing a curriculum tailored to the individual.  Needs are assessed through diagnostic testing and instruction is designed to move the student to the next level of achievement.

 ESL classes are starting now!
Check out the ESL page.  From beginner to intermediate,  group classes are offered.

  Take your career to the next level!
Accent Reduction
You cannot do it on your own!  You need a trained professional to tell you what sounds you are not making right and help you learn how to make them.

 English for Professionals
Take our Diagnostic test and fix the mistakes with one-on-one tutoring.

 Presentation Skills
Take a basic course or hire us to make your next big presentation a success.
  or call 214-682-7592
Classes available:
  • Private tutorials
  • In person
  • Live online via WebEx.
Onsite training is available for companies.
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